Washington Commanders $6.05BILLION sale to Josh Harris (UPenn ’86) has been approved by the NFL, bringing Dan Snyder’s era to an end

Editors note: Jack Bezants originally published this article. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/nfl/article-12321559/Washington-Commanders-6-05BILLION-sale-Josh-Harris-approved-NFL-bringing-Dan-Snyders-era-end.html The $6.05 billion sale of the Washington Commanders to Josh Harris has been approved by the NFL. It brings Dan Snyder’s long-running ownership – one of the most turbulent in the league – to an end.  The sale, which was agreed upon in May, is the largest ever […]

Building Beds and Bonds

By: Kayla McCloud Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) is an American nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that builds and delivers beds to children without beds. Their organization is dedicated to building, assembling, and providing top-notch beds to children and families in need. “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town” is what they stand behind. Sleep […]

Swabbed Almost Everyone

By: Kayla McCloud Every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer like leukemia. Be The Match (BTM) is a non-profit National Marrow Donor Program that strives to save these patients’ lives to extend their life expectancy. As an organization full of young, strong men, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is an ideal partner for Be […]

Sharing Paddy’s Treasure

By: Kayla McCloud Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) is the largest network of children’s hospitals in the United States and Canada. Between both countries, there are 170 hospitals. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals works efficiently to help as many kids as possible live better, healthier lives. They strive to raise as many funds as possible to […]

Upper Crust Food Service Exhibitor

Upper Crust Food Service is an industry-leading expert in chapter house food services and works with many SAE houses across the realm. Upper Crust Food Service provides easily implemented solutions for your chapter house kitchen management needs. They handle the daily logistics of running a kitchen, including hiring and training staff, purchasing goods from vendors, […]

Third Thursday on the range!

by Gray Weaver On Thursday, May 18, alumni across the Realm took to Topgolf for a friendly competition among brothers. Seven locations participated in the Tournament, and scores were shared across all groups. Each venue had a great time and played quite well, with Scottsdale coming out on top. Henry Beattie from Scottsdale had the […]

TGI Greek Exhibitor

TGI Greek creates custom-designed t-shirts and accessories for events and everyday wear. As one of the longest-standing Greek apparel companies in the country, they have many great things to offer. They have some of the very best illustrators and designers guaranteed to turn your ideas into a custom apparel dream! They have a speedy turnaround […]

Nabil Ayers (University of Puget Sound ’93) and his life in the sunshine

Nabil Ayers, a 1993 graduate from the University of Puget Sound (Washington Gamma), recently published his memoir titled “My Life in the Sunshine,” which describes his journey searching for his father and discovering his family along the way. He struggled to navigate his life with an African-American dad and a Jewish white mom. This brought […]

Indiana Gamma places sixth in the annual Little 500 bicycle race

Billed as “The World’s Greatest College Weekend,” the Little 500 is the largest collegiate bike race in the United States. Little 500 was established in 1951 by Howdy Wilcox Jr., Executive Director of the Indiana University Bloomington (IU) Foundation. It was created as a way to raise scholarship money for IU undergraduate students working their […]

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