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The Record Online is the official online publication for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Alongside the printed magazine The Record, this publication is dedicated to chapter and alumni news, events and opportunities, and serves a way for brothers to stay connected with the organization.

46th Anniversary SAE National Amateur Golf Tournament

The SAE National Amateur Golf Tournament was a great weekend of golf, great food, and ΦΑ brotherhood! Held on May 2 – 4, the tournament included 38 brothers from 18 chapters across the realm, playing for bragging rights and some beautiful trophies in three flights: “Levere” (high handicap), DeVotie (mid handicap), and Minerva (low handicap).  Friday’s play was a 2-man “Better Ball” format, and Saturday was the 2-man scramble. A “Skins” competition was included in Friday’s play, and some brothers walked away with some extra pocket money. 

We were honored to have ESA Mark McDonough and ESW Joe Richey, Dan Stanczak (Chief Business Officer), Ross Pometta (Director of Membership and Records), Province Archon Ian Strelsin, Ryan Gibbons (Tennessee Tech ’16) and Hugh Miller playing in the field of competitors. ESA McDonough presented three brothers with the Order of the Lion at the awards ceremony.

The festivities began on Thursday evening with a cookout at Brother Jeff Hamilton’s home on the Intracoastal waterway. Lovely panoramic views of the water under an oak canopy highlighted delicious food. A special Phi Alpha, and thank you to Jeff for hosting! After Friday’s play, a fish fry at the Hospitality Suite was catered by a regional favorite, Chet’s Seafood. Some players say they come just for the fish fry!

After Saturday’s round, everyone enjoyed pizza and beverages, and then Rodney Randle (FL Σ) presented the trophies to the runners-up and champions in each flight.

Join us next year, May 1 – 3, 2025, for the 47th Anniversary Tournament!

“Levere” Flight runners-up were John Pilcher (West Florida ’74) and Ken Jernigan (West Florida ’69)
“Levere” Flight Champions were Ashton Mitchell (Florida) and Doug Mitchell (Florida State ’85)
“DeVotie” Flight runners-up Stephen Babcock (Texas A&M ’97) and Beau Wolfe (Louisiana Tech ’98)
“DeVotie” Flight Champions, ESW Joe Richey (Penn State-State College ’09) and John Kelley (Central Florida ’77)
“Minerva” Flight runners-up Ian Strelsin (Christian Brothers ’04) and Cliff Mitchell (West Florida)
“Minerva” Flight Champions Mark Orr (Georgia Tech ’81) and Sandy Brasher (Tulane) (not pictured)
ESA Mark McDonough presented the Order of the Lion to Ryan Miller (Louisiana ’97)
ESA Mark McDonough presented the Order of the Lion to Sam Waite (Florida Sigma ’80)
ESA Mark McDonough presented the Order of the Lion to Barry Landry (Louisiana ’96)

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