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The Record Online is the official online publication for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Alongside the printed magazine The Record, this publication is dedicated to chapter and alumni news, events and opportunities, and serves a way for brothers to stay connected with the organization.

SAE Foundation increases opportunities for recongnition

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation is excited to announce the addition of two new giving levels to its annual giving society, the Archon Circle, and one new giving level to its lifetime giving society, the Founders’ Circle. 

The Archon Circle is an annual giving society for donors who contribute $500 or more to the Annual Loyalty Fund in a fiscal year (July 1–June 30). The Minerva Level recognizing donors who give between $10,000-24,999, and the Phi Alpha Level recognizing donors who give $25,000 or more, are now the two highest levels in the Archon Circle. Previously the Archon Level recognized donors who gave $5,000 or more in a fiscal year and was the highest. 

The Founder’s Circle is a cumulative giving society acknowledging donors who have made a significant contribution to the SAE Foundation throughout their lives. The Aquamarine Level, recognizing donors who have contributed between $150,000-249,999, falls between the Ruby Level ($100,000-149,999) and the Emerald Level ($250,000-499,999). 

These new levels allow the SAE Foundation to appropriately honor loyal donors who continue to go above and beyond to support its mission.

See below for a list of the current Phi Alpha, Minerva, and Aquamarine Level donors*, and click here for more information about the SAE Foundation. 

Archon Circle – Minerva Level ($10,000-24,999)

  • Dr. Patrick L. Abbott (San Diego State ’63)  
  • Pat M. Courington, Jr. (Birmingham-Southern ’63)  
  • Frederick J. Kleisner (Michigan State ’66)  
  • Robin Ray Thompson (North Dakota ’86)  

Archon Circle – Phi Alpha Level ($25,000+)

  • Richard Miles Brooks (Puget Sound ’82)

Founder’s Circle – Aquamarine Level ($150,000-249,999)

  • Donald R. Beall (San Jose State ’60)  
  • Dr. Lloyd K. Everson, Jr. (North Dakota ’65)  
  • Thomas G. Hixon, Sr. (Mississippi State ’65)  
  • David C. Humphreys (Sewanee ’79)  
  • James R. Mountain (Montana ’81)  
  • Donald J. Ormond (Idaho ’76)  
  • Scott Casey Sletten (South Dakota ’87)  

*As of April 4, 2023

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