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The Record Online is the official online publication for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Alongside the printed magazine The Record, this publication is dedicated to chapter and alumni news, events and opportunities, and serves a way for brothers to stay connected with the organization.

Executives Academy 2023 Recap

On January 6-8th, 2023, SAE kicked off the new year in Atlanta, Georgia, with the 2023 Executives Academy. Executives Academy provides Eminent Archons, Eminent Deputy Archons, Eminent Treasurers, Health & Safety Officers, Member Educators, Recruitment Chairmen, and Advisors with the tools and skills necessary to lead their chapters.

On day one, undergraduates, facilitators, alumni, FSC staff members, and sponsors from across the realm flew in to kick off the weekend. Check-in began at noon, where ambassadors greeted participants and gave them their name tags, booklet, and t-shirt. The Education Department led the opening session with event information and reminders. Bonneau Ansley, Entrepreneur, Author, and Real Estate Specialist in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, was welcomed to the stage to speak about his business experience and give advice for successful personal and business motivation. A few officer and advisor track sessions took place throughout the night, along with dinner, the always-popular t-shirt swap, and a meet and greet with the Supreme Council.

Breakfast started the next day at 8 am before the service projects commenced. Attendees were presented with four different projects that their groups would rotate through. These projects included putting together swab kits for BeTheMatch, writing letters to Children’s Miracle Network patients and nurses, and informative and engaging sessions about CrowdChange and BeTheMatch. Additional rotational sessions occurred throughout the day, and participants filmed many video testimonials to thank the SAE donors and discuss their experience at Executives Academy. A few more officer and advisor tracks occurred throughout the evening after lunch and dinner.

The event’s final day was short and sweet: breakfast, one last officer and advisor track, and a general session to allow participants to engage in goal setting and action planning.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s event. We are excited to see what these officers will take back to their chapters and implement within their brotherhoods. Phi Alpha!

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