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The Record Online is the official online publication for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Alongside the printed magazine The Record, this publication is dedicated to chapter and alumni news, events and opportunities, and serves a way for brothers to stay connected with the organization.

167th Anniversary Convention Recap

SAEs from across the realm gathered together in St. Louis, Missouri, from Thursday, June 15, to Sunday, June 18, for the 167th Anniversary Convention.

Various attendees traveled to St. Louis to represent their chapters and alumni associations as they voted upon board candidates and proposals for the Fraternity Laws. Throughout the event, many awards were presented as well. 

On Thursday, June 15, registration for the event began at noon, along with the opening of the exhibitor hall. Attendees got to walk around from table to table and talk with our vendors Movember, The SAE Store, Upper Crust Food Service, Be The Match, Greek Marketplace, Greekbill, Blue Social, TGI Greek, Quokka Brew, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, TG Napa Valley, and Lumatic.

On Friday, June 16, the First Plenary Session kicked off bright and early. Chris Hancock (Indiana State ‘96), Eminent Supreme Recorder, welcomed everyone to St. Louis, recited the Fraternity accomplishments from the 2021-2023 biennium, and introduced True Gentlemen Rising. True Gentlemen Rising is an initiative to raise awareness and provide programs and services about the crisis facing boys and men. SAE is the first fraternity in North America to create an initiative. 

Chris Hancock also introduced the new SAE brand. Our four noble and manly virtues inspire this new branding initiative. In addition to our name in Greek letters, the ΣΑΕ Badge designed by John Barratt Rudulph was our only symbol from 1856 until the Coat of Arms was adopted at the 1896 Convention. While various logos, tag lines, and iconography have branded Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity throughout the ages, our Coat of Arms embodies our written Ritual. It will always be the visual inspiration that illuminates our paths and enlightens us to be our best selves as True Gentlemen celebrating Loyalty, Friendship, Honor, and Fraternity. You can find the new SAE brand video here

After a great introduction to the event, attendees left the sessions and faced new branded materials in the lobby. This was the kick-off to the future of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Fraternity Service Center staff members presented resources to Convention attendees during two “choose your own adventure” educational forums. Each attendee could decide from the list of sessions that would benefit them the most. These informative sessions included:

  • Driving Membership through Marketing with Kayla McCloud and Dave Pascarella (Indiana State ‘17), partnered with Blue Social
  • Service and Philanthropy with Hannah Blenden
  • Career Connect with Jason Scott Embry (Western Kentucky University ‘94)
  • Greekbill with Ross Pometta (Loyola University Chicago ‘07)

The Second Plenary Session occurred after lunch and consisted of introducing officials, adopting the order of business, Supreme Council nominations, a candidates forum for contested Supreme Council positions, and elections. We are proud to announce the 2023-2025 Supreme Council: 

  • Eminent Supreme Archon Michael S. Rodgers (William and Mary ‘92)
  • Eminent Supreme Deputy Archon Mark W. McDonough (Youngstown State ‘98)
  • Eminent Supreme Warden Ben Johnson II (UC-Irvine ‘87)
  • Eminent Supreme Herald James L Skaggs (Oklahoma State ‘78)
  • Eminent Supreme Chronicler Joseph B. Richey (Penn State ‘05)
  • Eminent Supreme Recorder Chris W. Hancock (Indiana State ‘96)
  • Honorary Eminent Supreme Archon Lee Miller (Mount Union ‘62)

Friday evening’s event was held at Sport and Social in Ballpark Village. All attendees were encouraged to attend as the fraternity rented out the entire building for three hours for everyone to have space to hang out. There was a taco bar, arcade games, big-screen TVs playing sporting events, outdoor seating, and other entertainment. 

Saturday, June 17, we kicked off the morning with a Sleep in Heavenly Peace bed build, partnering with the local chapter in St. Louis. Denny Butts (Kent State University ‘93), Sleep in Heavenly Peace’s Director of Communications, was present to help guide brothers at the different stations. 

The Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions occurred later in the day, where continued discussions about law proposals were held. You can find the amended fraternity laws through the link here

The Awards Luncheon took place Saturday, where two Merit Key Awards were given to John Iles (Simpson) and Eric Chapman (Nebraska). Three Distinguished Service Awards were awarded to Greg Brandt (Drake), Raymond ‘Hondo’ Davids (University of Maryland, College Park), and Tom Dement (Middle Tennessee State University). On Saturday evening was the Outgoing Eminent Supreme Archon Reception, where attendees celebrated Mike Corelli’s ten years of dedication to the fraternity. 

We wrapped up the evening and the end of the 167th Anniversary Convention with a closing banquet. At the banquet, Outgoing Eminent Supreme Archon Mike Corelli gave some remarks, the new Supreme Council was installed, the Incoming Eminent Supreme Archon Mike Rodgers also gave some remarks, and the remaining awards were announced. It was a lovely way to end our time together in St. Louis. 

You can find photos from our event through the link here. Thank you, Lumatic, for capturing these special moments for us!

Below you can find the official Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Awards Competition list:


Besser-Lindsey Scholar-Athlete Award 

Frank Cruz – Simpson College (Iowa Sigma) 

Ken Tracey Award & Scholarship for Interfraternal Leadership

Frank Cruz – Simpson College (Iowa Sigma) 

M. Todd Buchanan Recruitment Chairman Award

Adam Stout – Marshall University (West Virginia Alpha) 

Outstanding Chapter Advisors

Kevin Johnson – University of Cincinnati (Ohio Epsilon) 

Jeremy Katz – Dartmouth College (New Hampshire Alpha) 

Richard Lies – Northwestern University (Illinois Psi-Omega) 

Jim Lotfi – University of Delaware (Delaware Alpha) 

Jeremy Robinett – Western Illinois University (Illinois Sigma-Sigma) 

Rick Shipley – University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon) 

Jao Soberano – Richard Stockton University (New Jersey Rho Sigma) 

Chad Torres – Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Outstanding Eminent Archons

Chad Berg – University of Cincinnati (Ohio Epsilon) 

Michael Chaplow – Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Carson Cole – Millikin University (Illinois Delta) 

Frank Cruz – Simpson College (Iowa Sigma) 

Samuel Darrin – University of Mount Union (Ohio Sigma) 

Samuel Hite – College of William & Mary (Virginia Kappa) 

Kapil Reddy – Indiana State University (Indiana Sigma) 

Jacob Shul – Florida State University (Florida Beta) 

Bradley M. Cohen Eminent Archon of the Year Award

Luke Logan – Southern Methodist University (Texas Delta) 

Outstanding Eminent Treasurers

Jacob Clemente – Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Nick DeVito – University of Delaware (Delaware Alpha) 

Raayed Saeed – University of Michigan (Michigan Iota-Beta) 

Matthew Santiago – University of Cincinnati (Ohio Epsilon) 

Ethan Shunnarah – Auburn University (Alabama Alpha-Mu)

True Gentleman of the Year

Nickiforos Mastorides – Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 


John O. Moseley Award for Fraternity Zeal 

Winner: Kansas State University (Kansas Beta) 

Winner: Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Finalist: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Massachusetts Delta)

Finalist: University of Southern Mississippi (Mississippi Sigma) 

Finalist: Nicholls State University (Louisiana Chi) 

Chapter Achievement Awards

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Prescott (Arizona Delta) 

University of New Haven (Connecticut Nu-Eta)

Florida Southern College (Florida Gamma) 

University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon)

Indiana State University (Indiana Sigma) 

Simpson College (Iowa Sigma) 

Kansas State University (Kansas Beta) 

Nicholls State University (Louisiana Chi)

University of Maryland – College Park (Maryland Beta)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Massachusetts Delta)

University of Michigan (Michigan Iota-Beta) 

University of Southern Mississippi (Mississippi Sigma) 

Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha)

South Dakota State University (South Dakota Theta)

Texas State University – San Marcos (Texas Sigma) 

Most Improved Chapter Award

University of Delaware (Delaware Alpha) 

Harry S. Bunting Outstanding Emerging Chapter of the Year

Dartmouth College (New Hampshire Alpha)

Outstanding Alumni Relations

Winner: Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Runner-up: Kansas State University (Kansas Beta)

Brandon Weghorst Outstanding Chapter Communication

Winner: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Massachusetts Delta) 

Runner-up: Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Outstanding Member Education

Winner: Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Runner-up: University of Southern Mississippi (Mississippi Sigma) 

Outstanding Financial Management

Winner: Kansas State University (Kansas Beta) and University of Michigan (Michigan Iota-Beta) 

Runner-up: University of Delaware (Delaware Alpha) 

Outstanding Health-and-Safety

Winner: Kansas State University (Kansas Beta)

Runner-up: Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Outstanding Chapter Housing

Winner: Kansas State University (Kansas Beta)

Runner-up: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Massachusetts Delta) and University of Michigan (Michigan Iota-Beta) 

Joseph A. Mancini Outstanding Chapter Service and Philanthropy Award

Winner: Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Runner-up: Dartmouth College (New Hampshire Alpha)

Kimball-Phelps Award for Outstanding Chapter Singing

Winner: Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Runner-up: University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon) 

Noble Leslie DeVotie Outstanding Ritual Award

Winner: University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon) 

Runner-up: Florida Southern College (Florida Gamma) 

Robert C. Cousins Award for Outstanding Recruitment

Winner: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Massachusetts Delta)

Runner-up: Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Outstanding Chapter Scholarship

Winner: University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon) 

Runner-up: Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Smith-Huffman Outstanding Chapter Management

Winner: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Massachusetts Delta)

Runner-up: University of Toledo (Ohio Nu) 

Outstanding University Relations Award

Winner: Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha) 

Runner-up: University of Southern Mississippi (Mississippi Sigma) 


Outstanding Chapter Alumni Association Award

Winner: South Dakota Theta Alumni Association

Runner-up: Kansas Gamma Alumni Association

Bill Fiscus Outstanding Area Alumni Association Award Prize

Winner: New Orleans SAE Alumni Association – Winner

Runner-up: Greater Atlanta Georgia Area Alumni Association – Runner-Up

Outstanding Alumni Association Communication Award Prize

Winner: South Dakota Theta Alumni Association

Runner-up: Greater Atlanta Georgia Area Alumni Association

Outstanding Special Project or Event Award

Winner: SAE Phoenix Alumni, Inc.

Runner-up: New Orleans SAE Alumni Association

Outstanding House Corporation Award

Winner: The DeVotie Hall Association

Runner-up (Tie): South Dakota Theta House Corporation

Runner-up (Tie): Pennsylvania Alpha Zeta Association

Outstanding House Corporation Communication Award

Pennsylvania Alpha Zeta Association

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  1. Brothers – if you were not with us at the 167th Anniversary National Convention in St. Louis in June, make your plans and mark your calendar to be with us for the 169th Anniversary National Convention in Atlanta in 2025!

    Come see and experience first-hand the tremendous spirit, zeal, momentum, and brotherhood that SAE enjoys these days from both our undergraduate brothers and alumni alike! Your support and involvement will make a difference throughout Minerva’s Realm! “And we shall be glad we have labored for Sigma Alpha Epsilon.” William C. Levere

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