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The Record Online is the official online publication for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Alongside the printed magazine The Record, this publication is dedicated to chapter and alumni news, events and opportunities, and serves a way for brothers to stay connected with the organization.

2022 Giving Tuesday Recap

On Tuesday, November 29, the SAE Foundation raised $108,909.54 for the Annual Loyalty Fund in the second annual Interfraternal Giving Tuesday Challenge against Sigma Chi and PIKE.

Two hundred eighty-seven donors helped SAE break last year’s one-day giving record, allowing the organization to exceed its initial goal of $100,000 and come in second place after Sigma Chi.

Thirty-one individuals were first-time contributors to the SAE Foundation, joining the distinguished community of SAE donors.

In addition to the excitement of competing against Sigma Chi and PIKE, the SAE Foundation awarded several prizes through out the day.

Donors who gave $250 or more were entered into a raffle to win a trip to the Masters in April 2023, and undergraduate supporters were entered into a raffle to win a gift card to the SAE Store. Alumni Associations across the Realm competed to win a TG Napa Valley wine case, and supporters competed to be the top donor each hour. The winners will receive True Gentleman Plaques.

The SAE Foundation thanks everyone who contributed to the Giving Tuesday Challenge for their generosity and support and is excited to announce all of the prize winners. Congratulations to the individuals below!

SAE Store Gift Card

James William Chapman

Case of TG Napa Valley Wine

Phoenix Area Alumni Association

True Gentleman Plaques

Bill McCann

Bob Dickinson

Brendan Calamito

Brent Beckley

Curtis Frasier

David Kupic

Donald Beall

Gary Cowgar

Gary Garnand

Gregory Martin

Gregory Somers

H. Mark Adams

James Freeman

Joseph Haas

Ronald Moore

Tom Healy

Warren (Lee) Martin

Masters Package

Debashis Chowdhury (Click here to see Debashis’ reaction.)

Generous gifts to the SAE Foundation’s Annual Loyalty Fund support the Fraternity’s educational and leadership initiatives, making a real and lasting impact on the lives of undergraduate members across the country. Thank you to all of our donors!

For more information about the SAE Foundation, please click here.

Donor Honor Roll

Aaron Balch
Aaron Penn
Adam Porter
Alan Lakomski
Alexander Smeaton
Alison Lai
Andrew Rascoll
Andy Walker
Ann Gamble
Anthony J. Biel
Anthony Massoud
Anthony R. Melillo
Austin Evans
Austin Garrett
Barry Bebart
Baylis Gruber
Ben Compton
Ben Johnson
Ben Reagor
Benjamin Schock
Bill McCann
Bill Voelp
Bob Dickinson
Bob Husband

Fred Masuoka
Gabe Mernik
Garrett McBlair
Gary Cowger
Gary Garnand
Gary Mielcarek
Gary Westling
George Mahn
Gerald Palladino
Graham Hill
Grant Gier
Greg Brandt
Greg Martin
Gregory Lomax
Gregory Somers
Gus Noojin
H Rainey Powell
H. Adams
Hank Weber
Hannah Blenden
Henry Beattie
Henry S. Sullivan III
Jack Counts
Jacob Harris
Jake Showalter
James B. (Randy) Randall III
James Balandran
James Freeman
James Lundquist
James McDaniel
James Sakers
James Totoro
Ron Doleac
Ronald Beck
Ronald Moore
Ronnie Neill
Ryan Bertram
Ryan Gibbons
Sally Skaggs
Saylor Schwab
Scott Christensen
Scott Crozier
Scott E. Pointner, Esq.
Scott Long
Sean Cook
Shane Cranfill
Spencer Long
Stanley Strom
Steadman Boston
Stephen Burt
Stephen Farr
Stephen Los
Steve Gates
Steve Mitchell
Steve Sikorski
Stokes Harris
Ted Fergeson
Thomas C. LaMantia
Thomas Hailey
Thomas Lavia
Thomas Loftis
Thomas Long
Timothy Strobl
Todd Buchanan
Todd E. Leamon
Todd Lawrence
Todd Misemer
Tom Fitzgerald
Tom Gable
Tom Healy
Tom Parks

Bob Parks
Bob Salyer
Bob Watts
Bobby Banks
Boomer Ayers
Bradley Cohen
Brendan Calamito
Brendan Taylor
Brent Beckley
Brett Martin
Brian Bosse
Brian Green
Brian Hilger
Brian Meyer
Brook Miller
Bruce Hopple
Bruce Klimoski
Bryan Smith
Caitlin Haycock
Carlos Aviles
Chad Bobb
Charles Boyd
Chip Hudson
Chip Morgan
Chris Gaylor
Chris Hancock

Jamil Tharp
Jason Abboud
Jason Andrick
Jason Scott
Jay Schroeder
Jeff Casaw
Jeff Olson
Jeffrey Rovner
Jerry Solomon
Jim Gaines
Jim Mountain
Jim Richardson
Jim Shanks
Jim Skaggs
Jim Strode
Joe Anderson
Joe Drompp
Joe Halcomb
Joey Diaferia
John Allemang
John Coates
John Deas
John Garrido
John Harvie Roe
John Hyink
John Kimbrough
John Perkins
John Sebalos
Jon Almeras
Jon Fujiu
Jonathan “Jerry” Witter
Jordan Carter
Joseph Greene
Joseph Haas
Joseph Richey
Juan Faria
Julian Byron
Justin Ronning
Kayla McCloud
Ken Tracey
Kevin Hirayama

Tony Click
Travis Powers
Van Russell
Walter J. Landen, Sr.
Warren (Lee) Martin
Whit Davis
William Arend
William Bechtel
William G. Lee
William Winstead
Zachary Watson
Zeke Smith

Christopher Bird
Christopher Mercado
Christopher Slott
Corry Woolington
Craig Goos

Curt Nerenberg
Curtis Frasier
Curtis Stofferahn
Dan Alsaker
Daniel Stanczak
Daryl Massengill
Dave Binney

Dave Pascarella
David Berkow
David Campbell
David Folks
David Frimel
David Kotloski
David Kupiec

Kip Barton
Korey Bearden
L. Barry Cors
Lance DeNardin
Larry Jones
Laura Bianchi
Les Ireland
Lon Deckard
London ODowd
Lou Malizia
Mark Decker
Mark Glickman
Mark McDonough
Mark Turner
Mark Willey
Marty Wiglesworth
Mary Ann Kilb
Mason King
Matt Kopff

Matt McDonough
Matt Weinstein
Matthew Fuller
Matthew Hill
Matthew Walsh
McCrary Family
Michael Corelli
Michael Eckhardt
Michael Evink
Michael Mercure
Michael Rodgers
Mike Mayhall
Mike McDonald
Miles C. Wiley III

David Lance
David M.B. Griego
David Maring
David Waters
David Welsh
Debashis Chowdhury
Dick Lies
Dick Thompson
Dillian Humbard
Donald Beall
Douglas Brock
Douglas Thomas
Drew Stevens
Duke Marshall
Earl Calhoun
Eddie Edwards
Eric & Nikki Morgan
Eric DeVries
Eric Fritz
Erik Lindholm
Ethan Cline
Frank Olney
Fred Kleisner

Nathan Crunkilton
New Orleans Alumni
Nic Jones
Nicholas Edward Kuchar
Nicholas Jakobe
Noah Haddaway
Parker Beck
Paul Archambeault
Paul Siebenmorgen
Paul Towle
Peter Hoistad
Phil Guerrero
R. David Eick
Randall Schocke
Randy Cardoza
Randy Dixon
Rex Carlson
Richard Getchell
Richard Krantzman
Richard Shanahan
Rick Mason
Riley Sullivan
Robert C. Bond
Robert Campbell
Robert Gebbia
Robert Mays
Robert Paglierani
Robert Sederstrom

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