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The Record Online is the official online publication for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Alongside the printed magazine The Record, this publication is dedicated to chapter and alumni news, events and opportunities, and serves a way for brothers to stay connected with the organization.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon gets recognized for the 2022 NIC Awards of Distinction Honorees

On July 1, 2022, the North American Interfraternity Conference released the Distinction Honorees for the year. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon was recognized through three different awards. 

Dr. Thomas Goodale, past Eminent Supreme Recorder/Executive Director, was one of two honorees to be awarded a gold medal. This award is the highest award given Interfraternally. Thomas is the fourth SAE to be recognized within this category.

The University of Evansville, Indiana Epsilon, was recognized as a Chapter of Distinction Honoree. These brothers have performed various acts of kindness, for example developing care packages for chemotherapy patients, helping ensure a women’s center for individuals going through chemotherapy, raising more than $5,000 through philanthropic events, and so much more. 

Hannah Blenden (Director of Education) and Shelby Gerwin (Assistant Director of Education) are staffed under Educational Programs through the Fraternity Service Center. These women did such an outstanding job facilitating Emerging Leaders Academy, that their hard work was acknowledged through the Laurel Wreath Award. 

These NIC Awards are given out to individuals and groups that showcase their exceptional work through their involvement, commitment, and passion for the fraternity. On behalf of the Fraternity Service Center, we are incredibly grateful to be recognized and are excited to see what more our community can do across the realm. 

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