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The Record Online is the official online publication for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Alongside the printed magazine The Record, this publication is dedicated to chapter and alumni news, events and opportunities, and serves a way for brothers to stay connected with the organization.

Cornerstone Award: Sam Hoff

List your career highlights

For my work with Patti Engineering, I was named “Control Systems Integrator of the Year” by Control Engineering Magazinein 2013.

What is your fondest memory of Sigma Alpha Epsilon?

Our chapter hosts an annual “Beer Gardens” social event. It was at that party in 1989 that I convinced my wife, Patti, to give me her phone number. The rest is history.

List your volunteer activities for Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

In 2005, I received a group e-mail from Joe Herron, president of the Michigan Epsilon Alumni Association, about the critical financial situation of the chapter. I immediately volunteered and was elected president of the house corporation. We had to figure out what to do with the house, built in 1963, since it was energy inefficient and showing its age. Through a protracted negotiation, we secured $1.6 million for the sales of the existing house and then got Kettering to donate the land for the new house. Plus, we made sure to involve the collegiate members in many of the design decisions. In 2013, I stepped aside as president, and the position was taken over by Steve Zukoor, and I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge Jon Stanley, our corporation treasurer for 15 years.

Why is it important for others to support fraternity housing?

The houses are the epicenter of the SAE experience. Active members are coming from their parents’ houses and have no experience in owning, maintaining or managing a property. It’s important to have good alumni leadership with regard to housing.

What has been your biggest challenge as a housing volunteer?

It’s like Lincoln once said: “You are not going to please all of the people all of the time.” There was a faction of the alumni who wanted to keep the old house, and it can sometimes be difficult to relate to the actives when I have kids their age.

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