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Coach Mark Madsen visits UC-Berkeley chapter

Upon hearing the news of Cal Basketball signing Coach Mark Madsen, Randy Scott (Cal Beta ’78), reached out to see if Coach Madsen would consider visiting UC-Berkeley to speak at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter house.

Coach Madsen happily agreed, and visited the campus on September 9. His speech was held at the SAE house, but various Greek members and UC-Berkeley students attended. Players from the basketball team were present as well.

As some may know, Cal Basketball is looking to rebound from last year’s season. Coach Madsen believes an integral part of a successful program is involvement from the student body and that’s what he hoped his visit to the campus would accomplish.

Collegians and Cal Alumni were encouraged to hear him speak about his goals for the season, how he and the team plan to accomplish their goals and how the Cal community can be a part of the rebuilding of Cal Basketball.

Overall it seemed to be a positive first step in getting HAAS Pavilion full and was a great chance to make a strong connection between the Greek and athletic communities at Berkeley. Thank you Coach Mark Madsen for a wonderful visit!

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