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Alum offers off-duty help to neighbors amid COVID-19 pandemic

Editors’s Note: This article by Ryan Smith was originally published by ABC/WTFS Tampa Bay.

TAMPA, FL — A Tampa Bay area firefighter is helping others both on and off the clock during the coronavirus outbreak.

“You’re expecting to see people in their worst times but if we can provide anything to help and make their day a little better, it makes my day a whole lot better as well,” said Clint Hubeck [South Florida ’11], a firefighter paramedic for St. Pete Fire Rescue.

Hubeck is offering to make trips to places like the grocery store or pharmacy to pick up the must-have items for his elderly neighbors or those considered to be “high-risk.”

When he’s not on-duty at the station, he’s home for 48 hours at a time in South Tampa.

“I felt like some people might not have help or family or friends that are close by so to give somebody a little bit sense of relief to maybe have somebody come help them,” said Hubeck.

Hubeck is engaged to a nurse at Tampa General Hospital. The Tampa couple were forced to postpone their wedding earlier this month due to the virus.

Sarah Trufolo says their similar schedules make it easy to volunteer together.

“We have that compassion to want to help others so might as well just continue it outside of work,” said Trufolo.

Hubeck says if you or a loved one is need of help retrieving those must-have items, you can message him on Facebook.

“I just want people to know that, if they are alone, there’s help out there,” said Hubeck.

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