Indiana State Alum Goes Viral


A video of J.R. Gibbs (Indiana State ’08) has gone viral after he and another Terre Haute police officer, Ryan Plasse, were recorded shooting basketballs with local children.

Cayce Cottom, a neighbor, posted the video her Facebook page. She wrote: “I love this. Race doesn’t matter, age doesn’t matter, occupation doesn’t matter. Just boys both big and small playing some b-ball. This is how life should be. Show love not, hate.”

“I think we forget that they [officers] are human too,” Cottom said. “And, we just kind of strictly looking at them as an officer.”

“These boys here made my day,” Officer Gibbs said. “I wasn’t expecting to be in the ‘avenues’ and to run into a friendly face or to play a friendly game of basketball. It was nice to take a break from the grind.”

“I think they enjoy it and enjoy getting away for a little while,” Officer Plasse said.



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