Summer internships provide a way for students to get their feet wet – often their first hands-on experience. While the focus may be to learn, establishing connections and networking are just as essential. The colony members at Chapman University (California Alpha-Delta) held internships across the realm this summer spanning from Chicago to Los Angeles, and they were not all within the United States. Men of the colony also visited Greece, Japan, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Now back home and preparing for the school year, the undergraduates hosted a retreat at Big Bear, a popular Southern California resort destination. Members spent the first day catching up and filling each other in with stories from around the world. However, the trip to Big Bear was primarily to prep for the school year as planning is vital to a colony. A majority of the retreat was spent educating one another, setting goals, scheduling events, and in open discussion aimed toward the future. The ultimate goal of the colony is their chapter installation and they worked hard on their strategies to get there. The weekend ended with a pontoon boat excursion on the lake. Unfortunately, the engine gave out halfway through their reserved time. Yet, this proved to be a blessing in disguise as it spurred more excitement and provided a lengthy and fun time to enjoy each other’s company during repairs. While the retreat was first and foremost a business trip, the bonding and connection that happened over the weekend had many other positive results as well, and the colony members at Chapman University have now made memories that will be cherished forever.