Craig Dennis (Iowa State ’68) hadn’t seen two of his chapter brothers since graduating. What started as a simple check-in during the pandemic has turned into a monthly call for a group of Iowa Gamma alumni.

“We took some time to give a brief bio from the past 50+ years, [then] we got into telling stories about those great years at Iowa State. One of the guys I had not seen since college days commented how it seemed we picked up where we left off,” said Dennis.

Each call sees more participants than the last. It has also spurred the group to update their contact information with one another—there are still a few members that haven’t been able to find.

“It’s been a great adventure to try to locate them and get reacquainted. Very interesting to hear what’s been done over the last 50+ years,” said Dennis.

Though the pandemic brought an abrupt change to how the world operates, people are now reconnecting in ways they never have before. SAEs will always find a way to keep the ever-lasting flame of friendship burning strong.