In 1970, a group of young men decided to join the Pennsylvania Omega chapter at Allegheny College. A small school of just over 2,000 students, all of them knew going in that these men would become their friends for life. The living members from that initiation class traveled a combined 9,540 miles from eight different states to reunite in Minnesota. They toasted their brothers in Chapter Eternal (Tim Boyer & Joe Madura), shared and created new memories, and most importantly, reenergized the intense bond of Brotherhood. For the first time in 45 years, these brothers were able to stand shoulder firm to shoulder.

“Many say it was magic that powered the Phoenix to rise from the ashes.  Akin to that mythical bird, the gathering of these Brothers was just as magical as they spent a few days together and rose again. The bonds last and are far stronger than we ever imagined as undergrads.” – Scott Phillips


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