Today on behalf of our members and chapter, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and a group of sororities, fraternities and students filed a pair of lawsuits challenging Harvard’s sanctions policy that punishes students who join off-campus, single-sex social organizations.

This is a watershed moment for us all. SAE is committed in the spirit of Phi Alpha to do our part to ensure the rights of our men and those of our fellow fraternities and sororities. I urge you to join us and stand up for our future.

– Michael Sophir, Eminent Supreme Recorder

Before Harvard announced its policy, one in four undergraduates belonged to sororities, fraternities or all-women’s or all-men’s final clubs—opportunities protected by Title IX and the First Amendment.

Starting this fall, members of our organizations are, in a word, blacklisted—stripped of opportunities to hold leadership roles in Harvard organizations and athletic teams, and to obtain post-graduate fellowships and scholarships influenced or controlled by Harvard.

We can’t sit back and allow Harvard to set a precedent that could be followed by others. This policy blatantly infringes on the rights of our brothers and Harvard’s students.

We need you! Share our social media posts to add your voice to the support for our brothers at Harvard as we STAND UP TO HARVARD, and join us in standing up to Harvard at

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