Sigma Alpha Epsilon is excited to announce our nationwide Recruitment Marketing Campaign Competition to be highlighted during the 2019 Executives Academy.  Over the next two months, chapters from across the country will have the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase their best recruitment efforts.  The top-10 recruitment campaigns will be featured during the program and voted upon by fellow chapters.  There will be individual recognitions for chapters who submit the best recruitment video, social media campaign, print item, and special event.


The competition is open to all undergraduate chapters and colonies.  This is your opportunity to showcase what’s unique and special about SAE for you and your chapter or colony.  This is also a chance for your chapter to showcase its ability to develop a multifaceted marketing campaign that features the values of SAE and win great prizes!

First Place: Recruitment Event – Fraternity to finance a recruitment event for the winning chapter, reimbursed expenses up to $500 and sends officially branded supplies and merchandise to be displayed.

Second Place: Resource Support – Fraternity to pay for one year of Chapter Builder to assist in recruitment efforts and sends officially branded recruitment materials like a table cover, pull-up sign, print and social media budget, and give-away items.

Additional prizes will be given to the chapters that have the best recruitment video, social media strategy, print material, and recruitment event.

Competition Timeline

The deadline for submission is December 1, 2018.
Finalists will be announced on December 15, 2018.

The top-10 finalists will give their final presentations/pitch at the Executives Academy on January 4th at the Chicago O’Hare Marriott.


A plan for a 6-month marketing campaign beginning January 1st. During the first-round, marketing plan submissions will be reviewed based on the following requirements/criteria:

  • Situational /SWOT Analysis – What strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats are you able to identify when creating your campaign?
  • Target Market Analysis – What are the qualities you’re seeking in men you’d like to join your chapter? How do those qualities relate to our mission?
  • Digital Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Objectives – How do all your advertising, communication, and marketing efforts integrate with one another so they are consistent?  What are your overall themes and objectives for your recruitment campaign?
  • Positioning strategy (rationale must be included) – How will you distinguish your chapter against the other organizations on campus?
  • Digital Marketing Communication Strategy & Tactics (e.g., advertising, direct response marketing, social media event) – What online tools and resources do you intend to use to marketing your chapter?
  • Creative Idea (g. brand image) and marketing materials* (explained below)
  • Media Plan (e.g., Facebook, Website, LinkedIn) – How can you utilize social media outlets to connect with potential members?
  • Detailed Budget – Itemized budget not to exceed $10,000 over a 6-month period.

* Marketing materials must include, but should not be limited to, the following:

  • Pamphlet or fact sheet describing SAE’s programs and purpose (what does SAE stand for)
  • Social Media ad – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn (jpg or gif)
  • Recruitment video – Maximum of 3 minutes
  • Recruitment event outline – budget not to exceed $2,000
  • Presentation (PowerPoint, skit, other medium for presenting the chapter to potential members)

After reviewing all submissions, the top-10 finalists will be asked to present at the 2019 Executives Academy.  Attendees from each of the 10 chapters will have a maximum of 5 minutes to showcase their ideas. During this presentation, a full marketing plan should be delivered, and the use of visual aids is strongly encouraged. At the end of the presentation participants of the Executives Academy will vote on a winner.  Participants will also vote throughout the academy on the individual marketing pieces they like the best (recruitment video, print material, social media campaign, and special event).

That means that if you don’t want to compete in the full campaign competition, your chapter can still submit individual marketing pieces to win other awesome prizes!

Ready for the best part? The top recruitment marketing campaigns and individual advertising submissions will be shared with everyone at the academy and you’ll be able to take advantage of using them for your own recruitment efforts!  How cool would it be if other chapters around the country are modeling their recruitment strategies around your campaign?  This competition will allow all members to make use of the best recruitment resources from fellow chapters to demonstrate the true purpose of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.