Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation recently opened up several remote job opportunities for undergraduates and young alumni. Beginning July 6, fourteen collegiate brothers and two recent graduates began working for the Foundation as Donor Relations Coordinators. These brothers are spending their time calling alumni, with many goals in mind:

  • Building brotherhood – we want to know how you are doing!
  • Updating contact information – this helps the Fraternity Service Center to be able to provide the best services to our members.
  • Inviting you to join the Phoenix Circle – your monthly recurring gifts would support the Fraternity both locally and nationally by helping to fund scholarships, awards, and leadership opportunities for undergraduates.

You might remember getting a call from the Foundation in the last decade or two with a very similar message. Those callers raised thousands of dollars in one-time donations. Our goal now is to build up our monthly donation program so that we can continually support the Fraternity’s educational initiatives and scholarship programs.

During a time of job uncertainty and uneasiness across the country, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation is proud to provide these paid positions for our youngest brothers. They look forward to speaking with you soon!

For more information on Foundation initiatives, email, or visit