Dear Brothers of SAE,

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the Realm. Having just recently retired, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to serve the organization that has made such an impact on me. Now, after serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation for the past four months, I wanted to share some thoughts with my fellow Brothers across the country, as well as layout our focus for the next fiscal year.

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation was established in 1927 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that is separate from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. The Foundation was created primarily to generate funds for the construction and maintenance of the Levere Memorial Temple.

Its secondary functions were to provide for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation Collection, the Fraternity’s archives and museum holdings, as well as to establish and fund scholarships to deserving undergraduate and graduate brothers. It receives donations, bequests, legacies, and estate gifts for the furtherance of the Foundation’s objectives. Over the years, the mission of the Foundation has expanded to include funding the Fraternity’s educational programs.

Now, as we enter the 2020-2021 fiscal year, the Foundation will be focusing on stewardship to our loyal donors, providing opportunities for alumni engagement through a Speaker Series, and energizing and engaging the hearts and minds of our brothers. Additionally, we will continue collecting donations to further our mission in supporting the Fraternity through these primary focuses:

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation owns, operates, and maintains the Fraternity’s iconic schoolhouse, the Levere Memorial Temple. This gothic-style building was constructed in 1929-1930 to serve as a war memorial and headquarters to Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The Temple not only houses the Fraternity offices, but also many historical SAE treasures including the minutes from the first meeting of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and artifacts from Fraternity founders and famous alumni. The Temple’s collection also contains items with national and international importance, such as a copy of the Nuremberg Chronicle and a painting of President and Brother William McKinley, one of the few painted while he was in office.

Since 1935, donations to the Foundation have been utilized to support our national education and leadership programs by subsidizing undergraduate tuition costs to these events.

Every year, the Foundation awards scholarships to our undergraduate and graduate brothers who excel in their personal, professional, and academic pursuits. This year, the Foundation awarded 29 scholarships totaling $64,000.

The Foundation manages chapter education funds that allow individual chapters to offer tuition reimbursement scholarships to members to attend various educational programs that the Fraternity offers. It also manages several housing (allocation) funds that allow chapters to raise money for construction and maintenance of chapter houses.

We are all very excited to share our initiatives in more detail as the year unfolds and to show our continual thanks to our loyal donors. Don’t be surprised when the phone rings and you hear someone say, “Hi, my name is Steve Mitchell, I am with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation and I just wanted to reach out to you…”

Looking forward to connecting with all of you!



President & Chief Executive Officer
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation