As a father to a young son, you may wish many things for them as they grow up; general happiness, perfect health, good grades, to be a superstar athlete, and to have a good job and family one day. But as an alumnus of a fraternity, they may also hope for one other thing: for their son to also join their fraternity.

On September 15, 2019, this wish became true for Todd Leamon (Tennessee Tech ’93) as his son, Jake, was initiated into the “very best fraternity” at East Tennessee State. One of Todd’s chapter brothers, Bryan Boles (Tennessee Tech ’92) also had a son, Hayden, initiated into Eastern Tennessee at the same time as Jake. Both fathers had the pleasure of attending the chapter initiation and pinned their badges onto their sons.

“It’s been really fun for me. Jake and I talk most days and I always get to answer good fraternity questions. He always lets me know what he’s learning,” said Todd, “it brings back lots of memories.


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