2020 SAE Award Winners


Editor’s Note: The video above is a recording of the virtual SAE Awards Ceremony 2020 which aired on Wednesday, July 29, 2020. 

Recognition of achievement and dedication to the Fraternity is important. Members and chapters that have distinguished themselves on various levels of the Fraternity or within their professions bring honor not only to themselves but also to Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The Fraternity realizes the value of acknowledging exceptional service and that the presentation of an award of recognition is also a primary way to show our appreciation. 

Awards, accolades, and recognition are all ways in which we celebrate the achievement of our members and chapters. The annual Fraternity Awards competition recognizes individuals, chapters, house corporations, and alumni associations for their outstanding efforts to advance the mission of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. The 2020 Awards recipients are listed below. Congratulations to all for personifying the values and traits of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Alumni Association Awards

Bill Fiscus Outstanding Area Alumni Association
Winner: SAE Phoenix Alumni, Inc.
Runner-up: Greater Atlanta Area Alumni Association

Outstanding Alumni Association Communication
Printed Newsletter Winner: Florida Chi Alumni Association
Electronic Newsletter Winner: SAE Phoenix Alumni, Inc.
Website Winner: Greater Atlanta Area Alumni Association

Outstanding Chapter Alumni Association
Winner: Oregon Alpha Alumni Association

Outstanding Alumni Association Special Event or Project
Winner: SAE Phoenix Alumni, Inc.
Runner-up: Idaho Alpha (Magic Valley) Alumni Association

House Corporation Awards

Outstanding House Corporation Communication
Printed Newsletter Winner: Zeta Chi Alpha House Corp. (Idaho Alpha Chapter)
Electronic Newsletter Winner: South Dakota Theta House Corp.

Outstanding House Corporation
Winner: The Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta Association
Runner-up: South Dakota Theta House Corporation

Advisory Board Awards

Stuart Zoock Outstanding Advisory Board
Winner: Oregon Alpha Advisory Board
Runner-up: Pennsylvania Delta Advisory Board

Individual Awards

Besser-Lindsey Scholar-Athlete Award
Winner: Donny Smith, University of Texas at Dallas (Texas Chi)

M. Todd Buchanan Recruitment Chairman Award
Winner: Justin Tinkler, Kansas State University (Kansas Beta)

Outstanding Chapter Advisors
Tom Armor, Advisor to Franklin College (Indiana Alpha)
Becky Bair, Advisor to University of Toledo (Ohio Nu)
John Brkic, Advisor to Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha)
Doye Green Jr., Advisor to Mercer University (Georgia Psi)
Donovan Golich, Advisor to Michigan State University (Michigan Gamma)
Edwin Gonzalez, Advisor to Long Island University (New York Beta)
John Hatfield, Advisor to Kansas State University (Kansas Beta)
Kevin Johnson, Advisor to University of Cincinnati (Ohio Epsilon)
Hugh Miller, Advisor to University of Alabama (Alabama Mu)
Steve Saltzman, Advisor to University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Theta)
Raymond Seaford, Advisor to University of South Florida (Florida Delta)
John Shay, Advisor to University of Colorado – Boulder (Colorado Chi)
Jim Skaggs, Advisor to University of Central Oklahoma (Oklahoma Sigma)

Oustanding Eminent Archons
Nick Albers, University of Cincinnati (Ohio Epsilon)
Daniel Goggans, Franklin College (Indiana Alpha)
William Hooks, Stanford University (California Alpha)
Zach Houston-Read, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Wisconsin Alpha)
Alex Jacobson, University of Puget Sound (Washington Gamma)
Nathan Jones, Middle Tennessee State University (Tennessee Beta)
Ross Jones, Florida Southern College (Florida Gamma)

Bradley M. Cohen Eminent Archon of the Year Award
Winner: William Hooks, Stanford University (California Alpha)

Outstanding Eminent Treasurers
Senna Adachi, University of Cincinnati (Ohio Epsilon)
Andrew Beckman, South Dakota State University (South Dakota Theta)
Justin Clary, Franklin College (Indiana Alpha)
Travis Weibler, Kansas State University (Kansas Beta)

Kenneth D. Tracey Outstanding Interfraternal Leadership Award/
Winner: Dominic Zappa, University of Mount Union (Ohio Sigma)

True Gentleman of the Year
Winner: Sean Ozyazgan, UCLA (California Delta)
Finalist: Chad Blank, North Dakota State University (North Dakota Beta)
Finalist: Kelian Kiger, Nicholls State University (Louisiana Chi)
Finalist Baily Watson, Texas State University-San Marcos (Texas Sigma)

Chapter Awards

John O. Moseley Award of Fraternity Zeal
Winner: Kansas State University (Kansas Beta)
Nominee: Colorado School of Mines (Colorado Lambda)
Nominee: Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha)
Nominee: University of Puget Sound (Washington Gamma)

Chapter Achievement Awards
Stanford University (California Alpha)
Colorado School of Mines (Colorado Lambda)
University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (Colorado Phi)
Florida Southern College (Florida Gamma)
University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon)
Kansas State University (Kansas Beta)
Western Kentucky University (Kentucky Beta)
Centre College (Kentucky Kappa)
Salisbury University (Maryland Sigma)
Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha)
University of Cincinnati (Ohio Epsilon)
Bucknell University (Pennsylvania Zeta)
South Dakota State University (South Dakota Theta)
University of Puget Sound (Washington Gamma)
University of Wisconsin-Madison (Wisconsin Alpha)

Most Improved Chapter Award
Winner: West Virginia University (West Virginia Gamma)
Runner-up: University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Theta)

Harry S. Bunting Outstanding Colony of the Year
Winner: Baylor University (Texas Theta)
Runner-up: University of South Alabama (Alabama Chi)

Outstanding Alumni Relations
Winner: University of Cincinnati (Ohio Epsilon)
Runner-up: Western Kentucky University (Kentucky Beta)

Brandon Weghorst Outstanding Chapter Communication
Winner: Colorado State University (Colorado Delta)
Runner-up: Kansas State University (Kansas Beta)
Runner-up: University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon)

Outstanding Chapter Member Education
Winner: University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon)
Runner-up: University of Puget Sound (Washington Gamma)

Outstanding Financial Management
Winner: South Dakota State University (South Dakota Theta)
Runner-up: Colorado School of Mines (Colorado Lambda)

Outstanding Health-and-Safety
Winner: Morehead State University (Kentucky Gamma)
Runner-up: University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon)
Runner-up: Colorado School of Mines (Colorado Lambda)

Outstanding Chapter Housing
Winner: University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon)
Runner-up: Youngstown State University (Ohio Alpha)

Joseph A. Mancini Outstanding Chapter Service and Philanthropy Award
Winner: Kansas State University (Kansas Beta)
Runner-up: University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon)

Kimball-Phelps Award for Outstanding Chapter Singing
Winner: Centre College (Kentucky Kappa)
Runner-up: University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon)

Noble Leslie DeVotie Outstanding Ritual Award
Winner: University of Cincinnati (Ohio Epsilon)
Runner-up: University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon)

Robert C. Cousins Award for Outstanding Recruitment
Winner: Kansas State University (Kansas Beta)
Runner-up: Colorado School of Mines (Colorado Lambda)

Outstanding Chapter Scholarship
Winner: Western Kentucky University (Kentucky Beta)
Runner-up: University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon)

Smith-Huffman Outstanding Chapter Management
Winner: Kansas State University (Kansas Beta)
Runner-up: Drake University (Iowa Delta)

Outstanding University Relations Award
Winner: Colorado School of Mines (Colorado Lambda)
Runner-up: University of Evansville (Indiana Epsilon)